Bol Network New Frequency On Pakisat 1R 38E

  Satellite Paksat  1R 38E
  Band C Band
  Bandwidth 32 MHz
  Orbital Position 38 East
  Polarization Vertical
  Frequency  4153   MHz
  Transponder V
  Symble Rate   6665  MSymb/sec
  Encoding MPEG-2, 4:2:0/4:22 Mp@ML
  Modulation QPSK
  FEC 3 / 4

Bol Network New Frequency On Pakisat 1R 38E

Call Us on 03-111-111-BOL (265)

Following the Axact scam, the launch date of BOL News channel was announced on May 19,2015 and the test transmission was started on May 11. On 18. 10 .2016, Kamran Khan, Asma Shirazi and Iftikhar Ahmad left BOL Network due to allegations on Axact.


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