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21.01.2017  Pinacle 9200 hd 17.01.2017  pinacle 9100 hd new   pinacle 9100 old 30.12.2016 Pinacle Smart Box Download 29.12.2016 Pinacle 8100 hd 2.07 Pinacle 8100 Mini hd 2.07  20.12.2016  Pinacle 8100 hd 2.04 Pinacle 8100 Mini hd 2.04 10.12.2016 clever 4 Canal + OK X210 HD  Canal+ OK 22.10.2016 pinacle 9100 Pinacle Smart Box 06.06.2016 VISION […]

Bloomberg TV Malaysia and Astro tipped to part ways

From According to a recent article on The Star, Astro Malaysia Holdings and Bloomberg TV Malaysia (BTVM) are said to be parting ways. This will result in the ceasing of programmes from Astro’s Channel 519. Astro is said to have stopped broadcasting BTVM’s programmes since the beginning of July. Its two regular programmes were […]

Sony commercialises 8K TV tuner

From While 4K TV set ownership is growing, the fact is there are few TV channels to watch. However, Sony Corp is already preparing for ‘next generation’ 8K transmissions. The 8K need is very real given that Japanese 8K ‘Super Hi-Vision’ broadcasts are starting in August. Japan’s public broadcaster NHK is starting its 8K […]

Hulu to drop the last of its free TV and launch own live service

From Free TV episodes that the website was originally known for will be gone in a few weeks, as Hulu makes plans for real-time broadcasting While Hulu began as a free site, free video has become more difficult to find as the company tries to tempt viewers to a subscription. While Hulu began as […]

DISH targets Loolbox in anti-piracy push

From In its latest effort to combat piracy further, US pay-TV operator DISH has filed a lawsuit against the makers of the Loolbox streaming device, which unlawfully retransmits numerous Arabic TV channels. The lawsuit was filed in the US District Court for the Southern District of Texas and names Defendants Lool Tech Co., Limited […]

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